Nix it. Fix it. Zap it.
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Face Care Treatments

XO Treatment Room is technology based, but lifestyle minded. Our facial treatments are designed to nix, fix & prevent. All skin issues will be addressed and acknowledged for obtaining the best results. Repair UV damage, sun spots, or tighten up the skin, it can all be done at XO.


1 hour $350

Designed for you, your skin, schedule and life. 

During this one hour facial with Annie, your face issues will be addressed, pampered and pressed to impress.  

Annie uses an array of technology, science and intuition to produce natural, lasting results.

Facial Focus: Tone, texture, tightening, brightening, capillaries, sun spots, skin tags, lifting, acne, fine lines, vascular lesions, facial hair, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, dullness, crepeness, redness, clarity



$12 Unit Neuromodulator

$650 Syringe Filler

$100 Cosmetic Consultation if no treatment

Neuromodulators and Dermal Fillers for lips, lines, cheeks, peeps and everywhere else.

Expert injector - Dr. Louis Grondin, MD MBA MScPD FACPh

*Mondays only


Laser Hair Removal 

$50 - $650

Chemical Peels

$50 - $100 

Several technologies available depending on your hair type for effective results.

With Melissa  

*Mondays only