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XO Face Care Testimonials

Read what others have to say about the treatments and products of XO Treatment Room and how it has vastly improved their skin. 

Annie at XO Treatment Room has been my skin care guru for quite some time, so when she started her own product line, I had to try it. Finding a daily moisturizer that keeps me hydrated in the dry Calgary air, and yet won’t make my sensitive skin break out, has always been my challenge and I’ve tried pretty much everything. After just one week of using XO Moisture Mass, I knew I was in love! My face immediately showed a significant improvement in hydration, was clear and bright and -dare I say?- glowing. I’ve now been using it morning and night for several months and my skin has never looked healthier. Oh, and did I mention it smells heavenly? I’m obsessed. Hands down my new favorite beauty product!
— Amanda Lindhout (New York Times Bestselling Author, A House in the Sky, and Public Speaker)
I LOVE the whole range of XO Face care and Annie really knows what a woman is looking for in her skincare.
— Ania B (Fashion and Travel Blogger)
I adore XO Treatment Room and Annie. I travel to Calgary a fair bit and arrived in town after many, many flights... translation my skin was a mess! After one treatment my skin and life was changed. They are all miracle workers. Living in LA I am exposed to the best of the best when it comes to skin care and XO Treatment Room is on par with the best, they are my go to for treatments and product. Love them!
— Janette Ewen (Designer and Lifestyle Expert)
It all comes down to trust. I trust the team at XO Treatment Room with my face. For the longest time my skincare was never a primary focus, because I work in fashion it was always clothing and shoes. But when I entered into my 30s I started to realize that the regimes I had dabbled in were not doing me any favors. I met Annie in 2015 and after my first consultation with her I immediately trusted her. She (and her team) educated me, they shared with me the reasons behind why they were choosing specific treatments. From laser to peels to lotions, each time I visit I leave feeling refreshed, youthful and excited to see the results. The results always come and are always noticeable, which again brings me back to trusting everything XO recommends to me. The other thing I love about being an XO girl is how easy it is to get what I need without having to put much thought into it. They just tell me what I need and I leave my face/skincare in their gifted hands. I am loyal to XO through and through and am for a lifer. Thank you Annie!
— Phaedra Godchild (Fashion Stylist)
I have been seeing Annie Graham for my facials and laser treatments at XO Treatment Room since 2015.
Annie has saved my face countless times when I had a series of breakouts, dry, flaky dehydrated skin and gives me a boost with the right products any time my complexion is looking dull. Annie’s facials keep my skin blemish-free, hydrated and radiant throughout the seasons. Annie keeps me informed on all the latest techniques and procedures to treat anti-aging. She is very informative on preventative treatments and products on the market and how they each differ. Aside from having magic hands to sooth my skin, Annie has the greatest sense of humor I have encountered in this city, and I love our time together laughing through my appointments. I would highly recommend any facial or treatment with Annie at XO Treatment Room.
— Katrina Olson-Mottahed (Director Of The Canadian International Fashion Film Festival)
Annie has really transformed my skin! As a life long sun worshipper, I had lots of damage and brown spots. Once she corrected that and got me on Heavy C and a good sun screen (every day!) there is no looking back. I love my skin now.
— Sandra, 32
XO FACEcare is the best skin care I’ve used in a long time! It works. As a chemical engineer I like to know how and why, and Annie nailed it with this line and her understanding of clients. I cant wait for more.
— Cara, 44
Addicted to XO PM. I use it every night and the smell helps me sleep. In the morning my skin is so soft and glowing – even my husband notices.
— Marie, 38
I love the products – and I love that they are precious little bottles of art! I want them all.
— Mel, 24
XO PM is life.
— Brandy, 28
I thought I needed to be stripping my oily and acne prone skin with products and scrubs, but Annie encouraged me to be gentler. I switched to Rocket Mist and Moisture Mass and my skin looks better than it has in years!
— Franka, 36
Rocket Mist smells so gorgeous, I love it. Does exactly what it was intended for, increases the effectiveness of your other face care products.
— Sheena, 45
I love Annie and XO Treatment Room. Skin care is so confusing and full of mixed messages. She really simplified my regime and helped me focus on the products that are right for me and made my skin look incredible.
— Sheila, 27
I like that each product is a pro at one thing. I want to have maximum results and XO FACEcare has done wonders for my face in only a few weeks!
— Shannon, 38
My skin has never looked better since starting Heavy C. My husband noticed the changes and I love hearing the compliments.
— Kelty, 43
I moved here from the East Coast 3 years ago and my skin never got use to this dry climate. Adding Rocket Mist under my moisturizer and spritzing throughout the day helps my skin so much.
— Anita, 40
I can’t sleep without XO PM. It is the most amazing face oil I’ve ever used.
— Candice, 29
Moisture Mass is definitely my go to product for moisture. My makeup sits well over it and it makes my skin feel and look fantastic.
— Nass, 53
All the XO FACEcare products feel like they were made for me. Plus the bottles are gorgeous, like little pieces of art.
— Kelli, 34