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XO's blah blah blog features posts on their best face care products and services, the notable people who use them, and the amazing results obtained from them.      

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What Your Skin Needs - XO Services & PM Review

By: Brenna Hardy and Phaedra Godchild

B and I have been going to see Annie at XO Treatment Room for 2 years now. I remember the first time I went in, I admitted that for most of my life my skin was an afterthought. First came shoes. 

I learned that all I had to do was put my face in the loving and knowledgeable hands of Annie and her squad. I highly recommend seeing Annie, the owner and guru on all things skin, first. She will tell you what you need and my advice is to just say yes to her all the time cause she knows what she is doing.

Get into lasers. If you are like me and not ready to jump onto the injectables bandwagon, laser is the way to go. Annie can utilize this kind of treatment within her XOA facial and is quick and painless. Other things include; Titan , and it is what it sounds like, tightening. And IPL makes my face look like a connect-the-dots game for a few days but will remove sunspots for an all over flawless complexion in the long run.

So this all brings me to my next and most crucial point...what to do once you leave XO and have to fend for yourself? Annie tells me what to wash my face with, when to use certain serums and creams but mostly she tells me to keep it simple and consistent. That is the key to great skin. She has now designed and brought to market her own serum, PM, and it's the bomb! It's a calming rescue remedy for girls like me and B, we are always on the go. With a mix of anti-inflammatory antioxidants, lipids and vitamins to calm and heal your complexion, it feels like a mini Zen moment when you put it on, creating super smooth skin.



A lot of people are afraid of putting oils on their skin. They think they’ll break out, but with this face serum there’s no need to worry about that, as there’s nothing in it that will clog pours, or cause breakouts (believe me we would not be using it if this was the case!). Essential oils for the win! And with the serum being completely organic and vegan you can’t go wrong. And to be honest, we just really love the smell so that makes us use it all the time!

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