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XO's blah blah blog features posts on their best face care products and services, the notable people who use them, and the amazing results obtained from them.      

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XO PM On The Marilyn Denis Show

Man, we were beyond to have Karen Malcom choose XO PM to showcase on the Marilyn Denis show. Karen is Marilyn’s Makeup Artist and knows a thing or two about products so we feel extra special.

XO PM was really created for the Calgary environment – the air is brutally dry here and paired with the temperature swings and chinooks it can really wreak havoc on a complexion.  Many of the products that work fine elsewhere are not enough hydration for our skin here - or not lasting hydration anyway.

What’s the secret? Well, one of them is no water. Water is a filler in products. It takes up space and evaporates. It can also harbour bacteria if you don’t watch those expiration dates. XO PM has no water, waste or fillers. It’s pure reparative moisture. The lipid we use is an Olive Derived Squalane and it is very similar in structure to the natural oil our body produces. Since it’s also an antioxidant, it helps repair skin and healthy skin can more easily retain hydration.  

XO PM also contains other natural and organic ingredients that reduce inflammation, calm your complexion and promote cell regeneration (anti-ageing!) Skin heals and repairs as you sleep so night time is the best time to use your XO PM. Extra bang. The scent is designed to promote a restful sleep, ensuring XO PM can do its job to the max and leave you glowing gorgeous by morning.

We created this elixir for our dry Calgary clients, but are thrilled to see its success throughout Canada and the United States.  We believe in quality over quantity.