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XO's blah blah blog features posts on their best face care products and services, the notable people who use them, and the amazing results obtained from them.      

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Why you need a facialist

We love the term Facialist. It just has that ring of the personal and intimate relationship we have with you and your face.  Although armed with technology, education and experience -passion and intuition is what makes a Facialist great.  Skin is not a machine that you can always predict. It’s important for a Facialist to be fluid and intuitive with her touch and treatment. Recognize and respond accordingly to your skin’s specific needs and behavior. You need magic hands.


Seeing us every 4 to 6 weeks can change the future of your skin for the good. It’s so much easier to maintain your skin then it is to fix it, so we encourage our clients to invest in their faces early on.  Most can also appreciate and look forward to that hour of turning their minds off from the busy world.  Although we have science and technology to treat you, it’s important to be lifestyle minded of clients. This is always our approach. Your facial must be effective and enjoyable – it’s our job to learn what that is for each client. As we clean, exfoliate, laser, massage and plump your skin, we are also learning how to make your time with us the best experience possible.  We know how life gets and you’re probably saving everyone – but who’s saving you? That’s what an hour with us is. It should, on some level, heal you inside and out. 

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